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Beyond the prices, there are 3 good reasons to prefere the HOTEL CANEVA
THE LOCATION Because the whole city of Venice is an historical centre, all the hotels will then say they are located just right at the centre concealing they might be even very far from St. Mark's Square The HOTEL CANEVA on the contrary is really located at the centre of the city ( 2 minutes walking only from St. Mark's Square ).
AT WHICH FLOOR WILL BE YOUR ROOM ? Very few hotels only, mostly belonging to the upper classes, have got a lift. Before your booking be done you should then better inquire at which floor your room will be located and also if there is a lift in the house, otherwise your room could be at the 4th or even at the 5th floor and, for helping you with luggages, porters's service is available starting from 3 stars's hotels up only.
THE VIEW Most of hotels show pictures of the reception and of the room only, but not of any view out of the window. The HOTEL CANEVA have got 17 rooms overlooking the central canal "RIO DELLA FAVA " where every day there are the gondola-serenades.
Now get your own decisions!